Ikon employs the best local craft skills and Italian flair to produce a striking range of furniture that is modern yet built to last.

We personally design all of our pieces which are hand-assembled in our Lancashire workshops or manufactured by Giovanni Zago in Padua, the third generation of his family to make furniture in the city.

Detailing is a huge part of a project that’s why you shouldn’t worry about it and leave it to us because here at Ikon we believe our design lead furniture has a unique style so any office will always look timeless with no need for a redress any time soon. Everyone wants to stay within their budget so that’s why we will provide a full summary making sure you don’t go over yours.

We will provide you with a full cost breakdown so that you know exactly what you are getting and at what price you are getting it. It is essential that each office has the best furniture to compliment it so therefore we will offer a full specification for any piece of furniture you require so you can tailor the furniture to each office or studio.